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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

At first glance, things may seem very simple and easy on stock sites, but the actual struggle comes while brainstorming to create our stuff to grab the viewer's attention. Got inspired by many legendary artists creative works, long time passed by scrolling and saving others' things on my boards to get self-motivated.

By profession, I am an architect and also a passionate graphic designer, and paper artist too. I enjoy spending most of my leisure time in exploring creative works. After a long time have got some break from my routine office work, captured these tiny toys from Kinder Surprise Eggs with my DSLR. I have been fascinated by stop motion videos these days, a good deal of fantastic videos are available on the web to make you feel excited. This stop motion video is my first ever project on YouTube with no experience before. With primary resources, shot nearly 150 still photographs used to generate this video. Please watch the video until the end, and please do not forget to leave comments.

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